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Welcome to Advisors, we are business & financial experts, marketing consultants based in Berlin, Germany.


About Us

S4 works with scientists, inventors, innovators and early-stage businesses as
Co-entrepreneurs, Advisors, Interim Managers and Matchmakers.

DeepTech is technology that is based on tangible engineering innovation or scientific advances and discoveries often set apart by its profound enabling power, the differentiation it can create, and its potential to catalyse change.
It is having a profound impact on segments including autonomous systems, robotics, smart home/cities, IoT, wearables, medical devices, clean tech, energy efficiency and many more developing or emerging application areas.

DeepTech companies often possess fundamental and defensible engineering innovations that distinguish them from those companies that are focused on the incremental refinement or delivery of standardised technologies or only use business model innovation to create opportunities that can span across many technological areas and can impact diverse applications. On the technological front, these can include processing and computing architecture innovations, advances in semiconductors and electronic systems, power electronics, vision and speech algorithms and techniques, artificial intelligence and machine learning, haptics and more.


Always Striving For More

Enable continued innovation and business success with companies playing in the DeepTech arena by strategically leveraging products, business and financial services to drive profitable growth and exit.



To find, partner and enable dynamic growth and commercial business success with DeepTech innovators principally in the Semiconductor Silicon ecosystem.


Consulting Services


Advice and experience in key areas such as strategy, internationalisation, financing, cost-cutting, partnership generation, human resources, PR & sales and marketing/business development.


Our passion and our background are in building companies, therefore we look for opportunities where we can become business partners and co-entrepreneurs.

Interim Managers

S4 is made of entrepreneurs who like to go in and take an operational responsibility.


What People Say

"It is a major challenge to develop new business in Europe. The main challenges are multiple languages, diverse cultures, and complex business practices. As a result, it is very difficult to establish a direct presence in the EMEA market unless one is well funded and willing to commit multiple years of local presence in various countries. This is usually not possible for a start-up business especially when the VC demands immediate returns. ACAD solved this problem by partnering with S4, where the expense is well under control, while S4 developed multiple business opportunities for ACAD in a timely manner. Knowledge of Europe, personal relations with multiple major accounts, and total dedication to professionalism contributed to
ACAD's successful merger with Magma"

Andy HUANG | ACAD Corp President & CEO, Cupertino California, USA

"For more than 5years James and his team has been introducing us to countless valuable new EDA technologies that have really helped us in our mission to get our designs out of the door more quickly and more reliably. I can most definetly recommend collaboration for his professional and first class services”.

Pier-Luigi ROLANDI | STMicroelectronics Director (Front-end Technology Manufacturing), Agrate, Italy

"James is a seasoned professional who has developed outstanding relationships with many of the leading semiconductor design companies throughout Europe. James & S4 will be able to set-up meetings across Europe and is able to work with limited travel budgets. S4' services are ideal for companies who are trying to generate early stage interest in Europe but have limited people and financial resources. S4 will enable you to make progress with accounts in the region and enable you to control sales expenses”. (acquired by Synopsys, Inc in 2010)”.

Simon NAPPER | Synfora CEO Menlo Park, California USA

"I would highly recommend James & S4 for any business need your company may have in the European region. James is very well connected and knows many of the key managers and decision makers at major Tier-1 technology companies operating in the UK or European continent. James served as independent local sales/management for my startup company and introduced my product to many major players, including: Philips/NXP Semiconductors, Siemens/Infineon Technologies, STMicroelectronics, Bosch, etc. (aquired by Cadence Design Systems in 2003)”.

David Marple | Q Design Automation CEO Palo Alto, California USA

"For over seven years James has been the exclusive agent for Accelicon Technologies in Europe. He has all the right sales contacts for us, and has demonstrated his abilities to close business in a timely manner. (acquired by Agilent Technologies in 2011)”.

Tim K Smith | Accelicon Technologies CEO Palo Alto, California USA

"I had the great pleasure to work directly with James when he supported Interra Systems as the distributor for EDA products in EMEA. Organising seminars and setting up pre-sales meetings. A person of very integrity, he was very professional and had very good contacts in the EDA and semiconductor industry. His ability to work with companies offering complementary solutions and leveraging that to sell a solution instead of a tool to potential customers, made his sales story even more credible. I strongly recommend James.”.

Sridhar Gangadharan | Synopsys Inc. Group Director | Verification Mountain View, California USA

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